Flew back up to New York on Saturday to attend a reunion…


img_1477Flew back up to New York on Saturday to attend a reunion of the Ramapo Valley Airport where I learned to fly 43 years ago. How great it was to once again see Bill Savage, my first flight instructor. Spent four hours reminiscing about how it was all that time ago. And could not help thinking how similar to our student experiences today. Departing Caldwell Airport in New Jersey the following morning, the morning fog hugging the ground, the stillness, the perfection. Could not help but think back, all those years ago.. Thanks Bill for having the patience to introduce this world of aviation to a kid who up until that point had nothing but a dream.

Passing Atlantic City, the morning fog behind now, the Delaware just ahead, just ten minutes from landing back in Ocean City. Then, back to work… No, I guess it will never really be work.