Air Charter Service

Need to make a quick hop or getting somewhere quickly? Ocean Aviation’s Air Taxi Service can be ready in minutes to get you where you need to go. With our smaller general aviation aircraft, we can utilize many smaller airports not available to larger aircraft. Or, we can go to the large airports as well. We can go where you need to be. And, if you would like, we can wait for you and bring you home again. Or we can come back to pick you up. It’s totally and completely up to you.

Business or personal, we are the way to go. We can erase hours of driving hassles and deliver you directly to where you need to be. Send your sales team into New York or Philadelphia, Washington or Baltimore and have them back home in time for dinner. Or fly the family in for the long weekend.

Need to be in Western Virginia for a two hour meeting? That can turn into a very long two day adventure. Or, it can be just a few hours if you could simply fly in and fly out. We can carry up to three passengers in comfort and style. And our prices are surprisingly affordable. Fly anywhere in the northeast and Mid-Atlantic. And, in most cases we can be ready to go with short notice.

Ocean Aviation’s Air Taxi is an FAA Part 135 Air Carrier.

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Specialized Services:

  • Helping customers overcome their Fear of Flying.
  • Taking folks, especially children, up for their Very First Flight.
  • Affordable Day Trips to Tangier Island for a tour or a Champaign Breakfast.
  • Affordable Day Trips to Atlantic City, New Jersey.
  • Affordable Day Trips to Williamsburg, Virginia.
  • Flights to Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore and Washington.
  • Jet and larger aircraft charter flights available.
  • Concierge Service – Ground transportation and hotel arrangements.
  • Onboard marriage ceremony, including minister, music and witnesses.
  • Vacation interruption and emergency return home.
  • Transportation of pets.
  • Transportation of non-hazardous cargo that MUST get there NOW!
  • Transportation for boaters stranded by a marine incident.
  • Return of boat captain and crew following boat deliveries or ferrying.
  • Hurricane, storm and emergency evacuation.
  • Return to the Eastern Shore following ANY evacuations.
  • Pickup and delivery of separated family members to or from Ocean City or anywhere on the Eastern Shore for family vacations.

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