Ambitions in Aviation

picture of pilot in uniform holding toy plane

When I speak to our current flight students, and discuss their goals in aviation, there is such a variety of reasons given for learning to fly. Most of our younger students are training for a career in aviation. They are on a career track. Either as an airline pilot, or a corporate pilot. International students dream of returning home after attaining their commercial certificate to fly for their home airlines. I have no doubt they will be able to reach their goals. Others think in terms of joining the military. By attaining their private pilot certificate, they have a far greater chance of becoming a pilot in the armed forces. Some want to be instructors and share their dream of flight.

We have many clients who are business leaders. They recognize the advantages of aviation in their business. The advantage of flying their own aircraft and being able to use that mobility to be one step ahead of their competition. To be at that meeting in Roanoke or Charlottsville and be home that same night for dinner. Being able to fly your own aircraft means not missing that key meeting because you can’t get that airline flight. Maybe it’s the difference of arriving refreshed instead of spending the last day on connecting flights and late arrivals.

Then we have those students that have just always wanted to fly but never got the chance. To relish that sensation of flight. To fly high above and look down at a world that seems much more peaceful from above. Those whom, over the years, put off their dream of flight due to other obligations, babies, braces, car payments, college tuition, and on and on. And now they finally find the time for themselves.

Each of our students has a very unique ambition. Different dreams, different aspirations. But the passion for aviation exists throughout our student base. Unlike almost any other field of study, aviation itself, living the dream of flight, is what binds pilots together.