Tangier Island

tangier-02Departing the shoreline on this perfect Tuesday afternoon, cruising at forty five hundred feet, perfect blue skies above and endless seas below. Gazing ahead, at first looking like a shadow, we can make out the first traces of the small island on the endless horizon. Slowly, the island takes shape as we get closer and begin our descent. Now we begin to see some small buildings dotting the landscape. A few minutes later, coming abeam the island, for the first time, we see the runway running along the western edge. Beginning our right turn to final, we descend and touch down and taxi to the ramp area. Ladies and Gentleman, on behalf of your Ocean City based flight crew we would like to welcome you to Tangier Island, Virginia!

How special is aviation that we can access magical places like Tangier Island, elevation 3 feet and sinking, population 727, less than one mile long and just a quarter mile wide. No bridges, no cars, just golf carts and scooters. No cell service… Transportation off the island… just two scheduled boats a day and a twenty five hundred foot runway that allows aviators to visit all year around.

Tangier Island has to be the most unique destination I have ever flown to, completely isolated and yet less than sixty miles from our Ocean City airport. How special to meet the great folks that call Tangier home and enjoying and the best crab cakes I ever tasted at Lorraine’s café, just a short walk from the airfield.

Late in the day, as relaxed as I can ever be… it is back to the airport, preflight our aircraft and depart back to the real world. Last flight from Tangier… Kind of sounds like a Humphry Bogart movie… And that’s the way it should be… Tangier Island is a wonderful beautiful throwback to a bygone era.

Just one of the reasons that I fly!

Peter Roberts

Congratulations go out to Peter Roberts who has just earned his ATP and with that, will now be moving on to an airline career, flying an RJ for Republic Airways. So happy that you have accomplished your dream. So many of our flight academy graduates are now among the flight crews of airlines all around the world. And each graduate defines, in their own way, defines who we are as a flight academy.

We wish Pete the best as he continues on his career path, onward and upward!

Flew back up to New York on Saturday to attend a reunion…

img_1477Flew back up to New York on Saturday to attend a reunion of the Ramapo Valley Airport where I learned to fly 43 years ago. How great it was to once again see Bill Savage, my first flight instructor. Spent four hours reminiscing about how it was all that time ago. And could not help thinking how similar to our student experiences today. Departing Caldwell Airport in New Jersey the following morning, the morning fog hugging the ground, the stillness, the perfection. Could not help but think back, all those years ago.. Thanks Bill for having the patience to introduce this world of aviation to a kid who up until that point had nothing but a dream.

Passing Atlantic City, the morning fog behind now, the Delaware just ahead, just ten minutes from landing back in Ocean City. Then, back to work… No, I guess it will never really be work.

Happy New Year! Beginning in 2016.. Fly outs and Ground School!

What are you doing on Sunday mornings? Let’s have some fun. Student or certificated pilot, do you want to experience the camaraderie of hanging out with your fellow aviators? Or, just need a reason to fly? Beginning in 2016, we will be organizing Sunday morning fly outs to interesting destinations. Fly out breakfasts, aviation museums, sightseeing.. We will be kicking it off on Sunday, January 10th with our first fly out. Be with us as we launch from Ocean City to our first fly out destination. Your airplane or ours. Or share a plane with another aviator. Let’s go have some fun!

Also, starting in 2016, we will be hosting a ground school every Wednesday evening for 6pm to 8pm. Join the group as we discuss weather, flight planning’s, FAR’s, weather and a variety of topics students need to know. Any student that is enrolled in our flight training is welcome to attend. Additionally, all past students are welcome so great opportunity to brush up.

Let us know if you would like to be placed on our list for either fly out information or to register for our ground school.