For Discovery Flight, TSA Regulations, Must be United States Citizen. Must present current US Passport or Birth Certificate and Government Issued Photo ID (driver’s License-Student ID) at time of flight.

Purchase A Discovery Flight Gift Certificate

Discovery Flight

Give the gift of flight. The gift they will absolutely never forget. No one will ever remember who gave them that neck tie or purse but who can ever forget the dream of flight. Your gift recipient will spend one hour immersed in aviation. After meeting with their FAA certified flight instructor, they will proceed to our flight line where they are introduced to their training aircraft, our Cessna 172 Skyhawk. They will review with their instructor how the aircraft flies, how it climbs and descends and how their control inputs will determine which way the aircraft goes. They then board the aircraft, your gift recipient in the left pilot seat. After taxing out to the runway, our instructor will take off and once out over Ocean City, your gift recipient takes control of the aircraft. For the next thirty five minutes, they will be practicing turns, climbs, descents, and straight and level flight.

After the flight returns to the Ocean City Airport, your gift recipient will receive a log book documenting their flight which, by the way, will be counted toward their actual training if they should decide to continue. But whether this is something they always wanted to try, something they might want to continue on to become a pilot, or a one-time adventure, it will certainly be the gift, the experience they will absolutely never forget.


Discovery Flight Lesson Plus One

Our Discovery Flight plus One (DFP1) includes the one thing everyone wants at the conclusion of their flight lesson. Another flight lesson! Our Discovery Flight Lesson plus One includes everything included in our Discovery flight plus another whole one hour flight lesson that they can schedule once they complete their Discovery Flight. It’s an additional flight lesson which normally costs $225.00 for just $180.00. Available only when you purchase their first Discovery Flight. It’s a savings of $45.00 on their second flight lesson.

TSA regulations require us to have flight student’s birth certificate and driver’s license or a US Passport on file prior to second lesson. Discovery Flight plus One available only to United States citizens.


The Complete Private Pilot Course

Everything they will need to obtain their private pilot certificate. All course material, 20 hours of dual instruction, 20 hours of solo flight, even their knowledge and practical tests.