Happy New Year! Beginning in 2016.. Fly outs and Ground School!

What are you doing on Sunday mornings? Let’s have some fun. Student or certificated pilot, do you want to experience the camaraderie of hanging out with your fellow aviators? Or, just need a reason to fly? Beginning in 2016, we will be organizing Sunday morning fly outs to interesting destinations. Fly out breakfasts, aviation museums, sightseeing.. We will be kicking it off on Sunday, January 10th with our first fly out. Be with us as we launch from Ocean City to our first fly out destination. Your airplane or ours. Or share a plane with another aviator. Let’s go have some fun!

Also, starting in 2016, we will be hosting a ground school every Wednesday evening for 6pm to 8pm. Join the group as we discuss weather, flight planning’s, FAR’s, weather and a variety of topics students need to know. Any student that is enrolled in our flight training is welcome to attend. Additionally, all past students are welcome so great opportunity to brush up.

Let us know if you would like to be placed on our list for either fly out information or to register for our ground school.