Institute of Higher Education

man standing on steps of plane parked at ocean aviation

I think that nothing describes our flight academy better than the four words above. An institute of higher education. The experience of learning how to fly places our students above almost any other opportunity, both figuratively and factually. To be able to fly, to leap above the world and see things few others will ever experience. There is simply nothing to compare.

That opportunity does come at a price. Most things of value always do. And yet, today we look a world that is quickly running out of pilots. In countries all around the world, from the United States to China, from India to the Middle East, pilot shortages are forcing airlines to park aircraft. Each week we read articles that talk about the imminent shortage of pilots around the world. Airlines and flight departments are actively seeking new pilots with the training required to fill their vacancies.

Here at Ocean Aviation Flight Academy, we continue to turn out graduates that will be able to fill those vacancies.  Our graduates have the pilot skills necessary to move out into the aviation workplace and succeed. Many will remain at our flight academy as flight instructors and commercial pilots, building the required flight hours they will need to join airlines or find that corporate position they dreamed of.

If you have ever dreamed of a career in aviation, there has never been a better time to start your training. Yes, it is expensive but the rewards are great and for the first time in forty years in aviation, I can state with certainty that our graduates will not only enjoy a lifestyle that few can even imagine, but now our graduates are almost guaranteed an excellent return on their financial investment.