Flight Instructor

Fast Track to Your First Aviation Job


The flight instructor certificate, for most commercial pilots, will be the beginning of life as a commercial pilot. That is because earning their flight instructors certificate will afford them the opportunity to be build hours while being gainfully employed as a pilot.

As a Cessna Pilot Center and a FAA Approved Part 141 flight school, Ocean Aviation is a great choice for your instructor certificate. Being a Part 141 Flight Academy means we are overseen by the FAA and must maintain a level of professionalism most flight schools do not choose to attain. Don’t settle for less than professional flight training available at Ocean Aviation.


Train at the Beach

Ocean Aviation is four miles from the world famous resort of Ocean City, Maryland. Live at the beach and train above the most beautiful resort on the east coast. Our weather is perfect for your flight training all year around. Plus, we are less than an hour’s flight time from the most complex airspace in the country. We offer real world flying experience and a vacation lifestyle. Train in the real life complex environment only available in the most complex airspace in the country. Train to be the best.


What You Need To Get Started

The FAA Flight Instructor Certificate is a license issued by the Federal Aviation Administration, which allows a pilot to teach perspective flight students. Your training will include flying higher power, more complex aircraft.

In order to earn an FAA Flight Instructor Certificate, one must possess a commercial pilot certificate; pass both a CFI knowledge test and a Fundamentals of Instruction knowledge test (FOI). You will also be required to pass a check ride with an FAA examiner.



Your training costs to obtain your CFI include all materials necessary to complete your course. Everything is included except your accommodations.

Quoted tuition is based upon student enrollment and an uninterrupted training schedule.

Students who are not able to enroll in full time training are welcome to attend but training costs cannot be guaranteed.


As an eventual career path or simply a way of life, there is nothing quite like the thrill of flying!