Fixed Price Accelerated Flight Training

Instrument Rating – Airplane Course

$9250.00 • 14 Day Program  – Fixed Price Accelerated Flight Training
Price Includes All Flight Hours, Flight Instruction, Pre- Post Flight Briefing, and Course Material

At the Ocean Aviation, we take commitment very seriously. When we enroll an accelerated flight student, we are committing our staff, our aircraft and our resources to your success. It is a partnership between us and you. We commit to giving you the tools and the knowledge to reach your goal.

If you choose the accelerated flight program, you will complete in 14 days.

As the accelerated flight student, your commitment to give us your full attention is non-negotiable. If you intend to enroll in our accelerated program, you must make that same commitment. Each day, you will be flying and studying. The accelerated program requires your full attention. You cannot have any diversions. During the course, if for any reason, you need to divide you attention or take time off for other commitments, your accelerated program will be discontinued.

Accelerated Training Is Not For Everyone – You Must Be ready to Eat, Sleep and Dream Aviation for 14 days. You Will Be Totally Immersed In Aviation

Remember, The Choice Is Yours.
Many Students Choose The More Relaxed Self-Paced Program.

Our accelerated flight training program will prepare you to pass your checkride as you meet the flight and knowledge requirements for your rating. We accomplish this by providing intense, efficient flight training provided by professional flight instructors. Your instructor will be a full time staff member. Not a contractor. Not a part time instructor.

Students should plan to enroll at lease thirty days prior to their planned start date. This will allow you to complete the ground training and take the FAA required knowledge test prior to arrival. Students should also complete their FAA medical prior to arrival.
Upon enrollment, Ocean Aviation will ship all material necessary to begin study. Additionally, Ocean Aviation will reserve staff and aircraft required to complete your flight training. We require a one thousand dollar deposit upon enrollment. This enrollment fee is non-refundable.

Weather is beyond our control. Although our accelerated program is planned as a fourteen day course, weather delays can add additional days to the course. Those days can be used for ground study. Although we work hard to meet your goal, we cannot guarantee your certificate in fourteen days.
For those who show the motivation and determination to achieve their certificate, but need additional hours above and beyond the planned course, Ocean Aviation will provide additional flight training which will be included in the price of the course.

On occasion, we do encounter a student that will require more time to complete the course. Ocean Aviation reserves the right to discontinue a student’s participation in the accelerated program due to a student’s comprehension, comfort in the aircraft, motivation, attitude or any other behavior that impacts the learning process. Should this occur, a meeting with the student, the instructor and chief instructor or assistant chief instructor will take place. At that meeting, the student will be given the choice of continuing at the then current hourly pricing.

There are no days off. Should a student need to take time off or leave the academy prior to completion of the course, accelerated flight training will be considered to be discontinued. The student will have the option of continuing flight training upon return at the then current hourly rate. Any guaranteed pricing or time to complete will be considered void. This applies to any student who leaves the program prior to completion for any reason.