Professional Pilot Zero to Commercial






If your dream is to become an Airline Pilot,
Look no further than our “Pro Pilot” Accelerated Flight Training Course

Our Pro Pilot track is a start to finish career track program. You enroll with no flight experience and in less than a year, you are a Commercial Pilot as well as a Flight Instructor, ready to get paid to fly. And with a job commitment right here at Ocean Aviation’s Flight Academy.

Begin with Phase 1.. Private Pilot Course
During phase one of your training, you will earn your private pilot certificate. In just four short weeks, you will earn your first epaulette bar .
Congratulations, you are a newly minted private pilot.

Now.. On to Phase 2.. Instrument Course
Now you are ready to begin your instrument flight training. During phase two of your training, you will earn your instrument rating. Now, just eight weeks after arriving, you earn your second epaulette bar . Congratulations, you are a more seasoned private pilot now with instrument rating.

Phase 3.. Clear for Hire..
In as little as two months after arriving, you are a private pilot with instrument privileges. Now you are ready to begin your commercial pilot flight training. Your goal is almost within reach! You will be making longer trips and enjoying your experience even more as you and your instructor make sure you have the necessary flight and knowledge requirements to exceed the minimum requirements of a commercial pilot. You will be flying more advanced and higher powered complex aircraft. In the time you are working to phase 3, you will be gaining valuable flight experience as you fly. And before you know it, you have earned your third stripe.

Phase 4.. Flight Instructor
Your flight instructors certificate is your final phase to begin your aviation career. Learn to teach aviation and then share your passion with new students as you earn income and build hours toward the 1500 requirement to fly for the airlines.

Phase 5.. Your On Staff.. Welcome Aboard!
As a graduate of Ocean Aviation’s Flight Academy’s “ProPilot Program, you are guaranteed an opportunity to become an Ocean Aviation Flight Instructor. Earn an average of twenty thousand dollars a year and more during your internship while you log an average 700 hours a year. You can reach the 1500 hour minimum required by the airlines in less than two years. And, once you approach your 1500 hour requirement, we will assist you in career placement. Our graduates fly for many of the major airlines including American, Delta, Jet Blue and United. We have the connections you need. Our school is very well respected and airline recruiters will be happy to meet with you and speak about opportunities.  We also have requests for corporate pilots coming from many of the charter and fractional operators.



Six months later, time to get paid to fly!

You Are A Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor


Call or e-mail our enrollment counselors at for a quote and see how easy it is for you to Live your Dream!