Ocean Aviation Refund Policy

Funds Placed On Account for Flight Training – Ocean Aviation believes the best way to fund flight training is a “pay as you go” program. Simply pay for each lesson or flight at the conclusion of that flight. To make this as convenient as possible, in addition to cash payments, we accept all major credit and debit cards.

For all students and renters that prefer to place funds on account for the purposes of flight training, Ocean Aviation will keep clients funds in a separate escrow account. Flight training and aircraft rental funds will be withdrawn directly from the clients account. Account statements will be e-mailed upon request.

Should the student request to withdraw the funds from their account, a written notice is required. Funds placed on account within the previous 30 days will be refunded. As there is costs associated with bookkeeping, a 20% accounting fee will be deducted.

After 30 days and up to 180 days after funds are placed on account, unused funds will be refunded with a 35% accounting fee deducted.

After 180 days, Ocean Aviation will no longer refund any monies that have been placed on account and remain unused. These funds will remain available to the client for flight training or aircraft rental up to two years from the date they are placed on account.

Gift Certificates are not refundable.