Open House Was A Success!

four men standing by back of plane in hangar

The weather is clearing and the sun is out. And it seems that everyone is flying! Great to see airplanes in the air and families arriving and departing the most beautiful beach on the mid Atlantic coast.
Last Saturday we enjoyed another successful open house here at Ocean Aviation Flight Academy. The hangar was packed with our flight students and members of the airport community as well as those who stopped in to see the great things happening here at our flight academy. Lawrence Howard stopped in from Cessna Aircraft with a brand new Cessna Skyhawk. The Skyhawk was on display from 10am until 2:30pm. Lawrence demonstrated the G1000 glass cockpit and was a wealth of information about all the upgrades on the 2013 Cessna Skyhawk.

Many of our students, past and present stopped to check out the new aircraft while enjoying refreshments and just hanging out at the airport. What better way to enjoy the July 4th weekend.
Our flight schedule has been busy so make sure you book your flights in advance if at all possible. We are working on adding a fifth Cessna Skyhawk to our fleet in the next few weeks. Also, remember we have our Piper Arrow available for those who might want to fly a more high performance aircraft.

We have been informed that runway 2-20 will be reopening in the next week. Most of us have become much more proficient in our cross wind landings in the year that our crosswind runway has been closed. I know a lot of our pilots are looking forward to the runway reopening.

Congratulations to Daryl Butts on his first solo. Also, we are talking to a new student from Hong Kong who may be starting his flight training here shortly. He would make the second student from China in less than a year that enrolled in our school. Welcome!