Tangier Island

tangier-02Departing the shoreline on this perfect Tuesday afternoon, cruising at forty five hundred feet, perfect blue skies above and endless seas below. Gazing ahead, at first looking like a shadow, we can make out the first traces of the small island on the endless horizon. Slowly, the island takes shape as we get closer and begin our descent. Now we begin to see some small buildings dotting the landscape. A few minutes later, coming abeam the island, for the first time, we see the runway running along the western edge. Beginning our right turn to final, we descend and touch down and taxi to the ramp area. Ladies and Gentleman, on behalf of your Ocean City based flight crew we would like to welcome you to Tangier Island, Virginia!

How special is aviation that we can access magical places like Tangier Island, elevation 3 feet and sinking, population 727, less than one mile long and just a quarter mile wide. No bridges, no cars, just golf carts and scooters. No cell service… Transportation off the island… just two scheduled boats a day and a twenty five hundred foot runway that allows aviators to visit all year around.

Tangier Island has to be the most unique destination I have ever flown to, completely isolated and yet less than sixty miles from our Ocean City airport. How special to meet the great folks that call Tangier home and enjoying and the best crab cakes I ever tasted at Lorraine’s café, just a short walk from the airfield.

Late in the day, as relaxed as I can ever be… it is back to the airport, preflight our aircraft and depart back to the real world. Last flight from Tangier… Kind of sounds like a Humphry Bogart movie… And that’s the way it should be… Tangier Island is a wonderful beautiful throwback to a bygone era.

Just one of the reasons that I fly!