Rainy Days and Mondays

pilot and student sitting in office together in front of computers

It’s Monday, August 18th, a rainy, dreary day here at the flight academy. If you don’t recall the song “Rainy Days and Mondays”, you might not have been listening to the radio back in 1971 when Karen Carpenter sang “rainy days and Mondays always get me down”. Seems like a great song for a Monday like today, a gray sky, steady rain, a bit cool for a late August day here on the Eastern Shore. The sound of steady rain outside our door. Understandable that weather like this might get you down. And yet, as I sit in my office on this rainy Monday, it is apparent to me that from where I am sitting, the horizon could not be any brighter. There is no way we could ever be down when every day we realize how blessed we are.

Our aircraft might be down today but our spirits are soaring! Our team members are staying really busy. In our maintenance hangar, our service director is beginning work on two customer aircraft that have arrived this morning for their annual inspections. Our school’s Piper Arrow is being moved from maintenance to the flight line, having completed its annual inspection. Additionally, a squawk reported on one of our flight academy Skyhawk’s moves that aircraft to the front of the service directors list. Our aircraft maintenance department is gaining an excellent reputation around the area. Just yesterday, I received an e-mail thanking us for our “great service” Believe me, it is our pleasure!

While all this is taking placed in our hangar, in the classrooms, our flight instructors are catching up on paperwork, and working on lesson plans for tomorrow’s students. Bradley Hollowell, one of our private pilot candidates who just completed the course, is heading back to college today and stopped in on his way. Another student stopped by for a bit of extra help, preparing for his knowledge test. And another perspective student stops in to learn more about learning to fly.

Yes, it is a rainy Monday here at Ocean Aviation Flight Academy but unlike Karen Carpenter on that rainy Monday she had sung about in 1971, our song would probably be “Rainy Days and Mondays Give Us the Chance to reflect on how fortunate we are”.

Ok, that might not rhyme but then again, I’m a pilot, not a poet! And the sun is coming back out tomorrow……