four planes in sky at air show with contrails behind them

This Sunday is Father’s Day Weekend. I want to wish all our fathers a very happy Father’s Day. It is also once again time for the Ocean City Airshow. The Airshow draws crowds from all over the northeast to see the spectacular performances of the Air force Thunderbirds as well as performers from all over the world.

As a flight academy, we will enjoy the show but our mission is to create safe pilots, pilots who will hopefully spend their entire aviation career minimizing risk. While we encourage all who come to the beach to enjoy the airshow, that is not our kind of flying. We will always stress to our students that safety in flight should always be your number one goal. The flight demonstrations you will see over the beach this weekend will be very different from the flight training we provide.

In fact, for those who come to us for flight training and seem to prefer to show just how fearless they are, we encourage them to seek out an activity other than aviation. Perhaps a nice speed boat!