The Long Cross Country

Micheal Freed and Tony Woody standing in Ocean Aviation office in Ocean City MD

Among the requirements for the private pilot certificate is a requirement to fly a long cross country. Candidates must fly one cross country flight of more than one hundred nautical miles.

Tony Woody completed his long cross country last week, planning his flight from the Ocean City Airport, across the Delaware to Cape May, New Jersey. After a brief stop, Tony continued to Summit Airport in Delaware before turning towards home.

The trip covered over 170 miles and Tony used deed reckoning, pilotage and VOR navigation to complete the trip. All private pilot candidates are required to complete a long cross country. We believe the long cross country our students complete is over some of the most beautiful scenic areas imaginable. Flying high over the New Jersey and Delaware coasts, tracing the historic Delaware River is simply unimaginable until you have done it for yourself. We believe this is the first time our students truly understand the freedom of flight.

Above: Tony Woody debriefs with Chief Instructor Mike Freed upon completion of his long cross country flight.