The Right Time to Fly

white n191me plane flying in sky

We have had a good winter here at the flight academy and our maintenance facility has been busy but the first hints of spring are most welcome. Last week, after completing an evening cross country flight with one of our students, it felt great to open the airplane door and feel the warm evening air. Of course, the snow that arrived earlier this week reminded us that we are not quite there yet.

A lot of people ask me what is the best time to fly. I reply that each season brings its own beauty. There really is not a bad time to fly. Summer brings warmer weather and weather patterns move more slowly, but winter brings those crystal clear days, with visibilities of fifty or sixty miles. The beauty of early spring and fall colors here on the Delmarva is always breathtaking.

My best advice is that when the mood hits you; don’t wait for the right time of year. It is always the right time of year to go flying!