What a Great Time to Become a Commercial Pilot!

view of plane controls in cockpit while flying over ocean city md

Is It Time To Think Career?  What a Great Time to Become a Commercial Pilot! 
At least in my lifetime, and suffice it to say that is quite a while, I have never seen an upcoming shortage of pilots like the one we are about to see. By most accounts, over the next several years, airlines will have to ground aircraft due to the lack of trained pilots ready to climb into their cockpits. Those who have the foresight to see the upcoming shortage and begin to plan ahead and train for a career as a commercial pilot will look back on what will be the best decision of their lives.

As for me, I was not so fortunate. I began flying in the fall of 1973 with the goal of an airline career. I was 18 years old. I worked to earn my private pilot certificate, then my instrument rating and finally my commercial certificate. Unfortunately, I remember clearly that as I sought my first flying position, my dream of working for the airlines quickly evaporated. I found that the World War II veterans we still flying left seat, the Korean veterans were in the right seat and the brave men and woman that served in Vietnam were waiting their turn. Supply was definitely higher than demand. How things have changed.
Today, the military is not training near the number of pilots they did years ago and of those, many choose to remain in the military. Most commercial pilots today are trained by flight academies such as Ocean Aviation Flight Academy. Once trained, jobs are available that will allow them to build time while working as instructors, and various other positions, until they reach the required time necessary to be an airline pilot. The airlines are recruiting these new eligible pilots as quickly as they can.

On the international side, while the shortage of pilots will hit the United States hard by most accounts, the situation will be much worse in China, India and countries all around the world. Over the past week, we spoke with students from as far away as, Nigeria, Taiwan, Israel, and Tanzania. Our international students confirm that the opportunities in their home countries are enormous. New airlines such as Spice Jet in India are actively recruiting new pilots.

Because flight training in their home countries cost more than twice the cost of training in the United States, many students all around the world that seek a career in aviation travel to the United States to train. What better place than the beautiful world class resort such as Ocean City, Maryland.

As our students graduate, and move on to their career in aviation, wherever that might take them, we look forward to new students arriving to begin their flight training.