Click for more informationBasic AeroCamp is designed for children in grades 6-8 and is a great introduction into the world of aviation. Children will learn firsthand what makes planes fly. Our program includes lessons in aerodynamics that will explain how airplanes fly, how weather can affect flight and how pilots know where they are going using various forms of navigation.

Advanced AeroCamp is aimed at those in grades 9 and 10. Our Advanced Aerocamp gives your young adult a more advanced view of our world of aviation. In Advanced Aerocamp, we delve deeper into aerodynamics, airmanship, fight planning and navigation.

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Ocean Aviation is Ocean City, Maryland’s full service FBO and professional FAA Part 141 Approved Flight Academy located just west of the main passenger terminal providing a wide variety of aviation services, including:

  • Flight Training
  • Cessna Pilot Center
  • FAA Part 141 Approved School
  • International Students / SEVP Student Exchange Visitation Program Approved
  • Approved by Veterans Administration to Accept VA Benefits for Flight Training
  • Aircraft Rental
  • Pilot Shop
  • Aircraft Sales and Acquisition Consulting
  • Ocean City Sightseeing Flights and Airplane Rides
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Heated Hangar Space for your Piper Cub, Meridian or Hawker Jet.
  • Flight Catering

Ocean Aviation is located at the Ocean City Municipal Airport (KOXB) Airport on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.