Application Process

United States citizens do not need to complete an application. Simply call our admissions office at (410) 213-8400 to request information about enrolling in any of our flight training programs.

International Students will require an M1 Visa to study in the United States. Ocean Aviation is SEVIS approved to issue your I20, allowing you to obtain your M1 or M2 Visa so you may train in the United States. Once you have determined that you would like to attend Ocean Aviation Flight Academy, please complete our application for admission. This will allow our admissions office to review your information and determine if you can be accepted into our flight training program.

By United States Law, international students must prove to customs officials upon application for M1 Visa that they can have the funds necessary to pay for the flight training course and all living expenses while in the United States. This can exceed fifty thousand dollars ($50,000.00 USD). Please advise on your application how you intend to pay all fees associated with enrollment in Ocean Aviation Flight Academy’s flight training courses.

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